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Charles Maxwell was born in London. He attended Millfield and has been overheard telling people – quite proudly – that Jeremy Clarkson of “Top Gear” did also (he didn’t). Maxwell attended Southern Methodist University in Texas for seven years and graduated with a degree in English. He attended graduate school somewhere in Colorado, but dropped out of the program because his professors were “Neanderthals.” Maxwell lives in Malibu and supports Greenpeace and Rick, the local pet acupuncturist. He spends his considerable downtime lying in bed, watching homemade conspiracy videos on Youtube, and spontaneously delivering guest lectures to anyone who comes to the door. “A Field Full of Secrets” is his first film.

BIO – DAX PHELAN (Producer)


After graduating from The American Film Institute with an MFA in Screenwriting in 2000, Dax Phelan went to work as the Creative Executive for veteran producer Mace Neufeld at Sony Pictures Entertainment. During his 3-year tenure at Mace Neufeld Productions, Phelan worked with some of Hollywood’s finest screenwriters and directors on such projects as The General’s Daughter, The Sum of All Fears, and Argo. Then, in 2003, Phelan sold a screenplay of his own and began writing full-time. Phelan is currently wrapping up post-production chores on his directorial debut, “Jasmine,” associate producing Paul Schrader’s “The Canyons,” and executive producing Anja Marquardt’s “She’s Lost Control” with Academy Award-nominee, Oren Moverman. He is repped by Robert Lazar at Resolution, Mason Novick at MXN, and Robert Szymanski at Eclipse Law Corp, and divides his time between Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and New Orleans.

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